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Mr. Ammerman is not a bad guy.

by Deborah G.

I have worked with Mr. Ammerman often for quite sometime and have always found him easy to work with and very professional. He always goes the extra mile to help people whether they are clients or not. I would not hesitate referring him to a friend. The negative posts on this site are not fair to him at all.

General Quinlan should sue the people who put him down!!!

by Sandra M.

People should not be talking badly about our military people. For God sake this man was a general. He should be treated with respect. It can’t be easy to becoming general after all our president surrounds himself with generals and even has one in the oval office. All people in the military deserve our respect even when they make mistakes. There’s nothing wrong with people asking for help. If general Quinlan needed help with the lawsuit that I would think that shows good judgment on his part.

I salute you General Quinlan.

Francis E. Quinlan The Big Man of Newmeyer and Dillion

by Andrew T.

Let’s just say I have had dealings with this man. Every Marine I’ve known all agreed that action is more important than words. And words are the only thing you get from Quinlan, a man who forces his employees to call him “General”. It is said that he won’t look you in the eye and tell you to call him “General”, but if you don’t there can be ramifications.

I among others have been following a Quinlan court case, The New Home Company suing a veteran and his wife over a breach of contract and Quinlan heads the legal team for this home builder. The CEO of the home builder ordered his construction crew to purposely gas the residence with diesel fumes of a home owned by a Holocaust survivor.

The veteran and his wife are defending themselves because they cannot afford an attorney.

The most interesting part of the story is that these two senior citizens with no legal background have been going head to head with the multi-million dollar law firm with almost 100 attorneys and are still standing after two years.

You might not believe this but it’s true, Newmeyer and Dillion had to hire another law firm to help Quinlan’s partner Ben P. Ammerman who is obviously incompetent. If the legal team of Newmeyer and Dillion were not incompetent then why would they hire another law firm to help a case against two old people without legal experience.

Now the best for last. The CEO of The New Home Company, H. Lawrence Webb has paid Newmeyer and Dillion over $1,000,000.00 to fight these two senior citizens.

Ben Ammerman owes an apology to Coast Guard Families.

I’ve been in the military for 30 years and have never talked badly about another military service member until now.  But Ben Ammerman is a self-centered piece of human waste that has never been in a position of having to serve his country in combat. The only injuries he suffered in Afghanistan from what I hear was from jogging in the safe zone.

I’m angry because this guy had the audacity to say “I don’t consider the Coast Guard a true “armed service.

Hey big mouth, how about apologizing to the families of the thousands of men and women who have given their lives in the service of their country while serving in the Coast Guard.

I served with Ben Ammerman.

Posted by Tony C.

I was in Kabul Afghanistan in 2014.  That is where I had the unfortunate experience of meeting Ben P. Ammerman.  We used to call him Ben P for Phony Ammerman, because within a few minutes after meeting him he would start bragging about how great he was about doing this or that.

Glassdoor Review: Office Services

Posted by Anonymous

Current Employee – Office Services in Newport Beach, CA
I have been working at Newmeyer & Dillion full-time (More than a year)

Certain Friendly People. always food. people are nice

Some of the secretaries think they are more important than the attorneys.

I had a good experience.

by Michelle R.

I found my experience at this law firm very good. I needed a contract regarding a property I was going to purchase. They did a good and professional job. I would definitely use them again.

Glassdoor Review: I.T.

Posted by Anonymous

“Stay away from this firm!!! Especially if your going into I.T.”
Former Employee – N/A in Newport Beach, CA
Doesn’t Recommend

Actually…I regret taking the position. The short time I was there, there was constantly changes and no real standards for anything. All of the computers are still running windows 2000 and if you as the I.T. manager to repair a problem, he gives you the run around. He actually THINKS he’s intelligent. LOL He’s dumber than he looks, and that is pretty dumb. Continue reading “Glassdoor Review: I.T.”